Men's grooming has become one of the latest trends and in my opinion it's about time :) Styles dating back from the 50's-80's seem to be sticking around this year. Just how eras change, so do techniques and tools. As much as I respect these old school styles, today's barbers have added a modern twist. What was a simple brush back then, has now been transformed to more of a tapered look around the neck and ears. Today's barbers/stylists have added more detail to these old school hair styles by adding a shaved part or skin fade to the pompador look.  A lot of people underestimate the power of a clipper, and I feel that this trend is helping change that mindset.  It takes a lot time, skill, and patience to execute these specific styles.  As men's grooming is evolving, so are barbers and stylists.  With the help of technology and social  media, we are able to admire other's great work and learn from it.  It pushes us to educate ourselves into perfecting our craft.