Today, we’re walking you through the steps of our Kérastase Caviar Treatment! This is our in-salon ultra-luxurious hair treatment that helps with frizz, dullness, dry scalp and even breakage.

It’s not only a way for you to spoil yourself and your hair, but Kérastase considers this their finest hair product ever created!

The caviar beads hold highly concentrated nourishing ingredients. When the pearls are crushed and blended, they transform into a creamy, rich emulsion with hair rejuvenating and scalp restoring qualities.

Ultimately, it hydrates, strengthens and repairs for your hair, while adding shine, volume and UV protection.


First, we start with diagnosing your hair type and texture.


Then, we recommend a shampoo and conditioner for you to try in the salon and take home.

At the shampoo bowl, we wash your hair with a Kérastase shampoo — all based on your initial hair diagnosis.


We always recommend two shampoos to remove any build up.


Next, we activate the caviar pearls to mix with the Chronologiste Masque.

We start by placing treatment from scalp to ends, making sure we thoroughly massage in the caviar mixture. Once fully massaged onto the scalp and hair, we place a warm towel over your hair to help the treatment further penetrate the hair.


After a nice relaxation with a warm towel, we rinse the treatment out thoroughly making sure there is no residue on the hair. At this time, we finish with a conditioner before moving over to the blow dry and style.


When styling your hair, we always recommend a heat protector this will help keep your hair safe from any heat. We used Kérastase Cicaplasme from the Blond Absolu to keep our model’s blonde color bright and fresh.


You’ll leave the salon with your hair feeling smoother and softer. Plus, you’ll feel refreshed after your luxurious experience!