Hair Extensions in Downtown New Orleans


Have you ever passed someone on the streets of New Orleans and wondered how they maintain those long, thick waves of hair? You no longer have to be genetically blessed to obtain these rippling waves. At Hair Loft Studio, we provide the secret to getting those lust-worthy tresses with our high quality, 100% human hair extensions. No longer are extensions just a secret seen on the red carpet. Now you can get that celebrity look wherever you are.

Whether you’re tired of waiting for your hair to grow past a certain point, or you’re looking to give your hair more volume and body, hair extensions are the ideal way to achieve your dream look. Our hair extensions come in a variety of methods and styles to give your hair that extra “oomph” factor. And now, with the latest in hair extension technology, you can have long waves that look completely natural.

Finding the Right New Orleans’ Hair Extensions


There’s a reason clients come to Hair Loft Studio to get the best in hair extensions. Our extensions allow you to unlock the stunningly beautiful locks you’ve always wanted with several easy processes. During your initial consultation, our stylists will match your hair color and texture with the right kind of extensions to give you the most natural-looking hair possible. Hair extensions are not all made the same. We consider your lifestyle and goals and match you with the best option. With impressive advances in hair extension technology, you’ll find the application process fast and easy.

Our hair extensions selection includes:

  • Classic extensions

  • I-Hair I-Tip Extensions

  • Cinderella Hair Strips And Veil

  • Tape-In Extensions

  • Clip-In Extensions

  • Hand-Tied Beaded Weft

Classic Extensions

Our classic extensions bond to the hair by using low safe levels of heat. This is one of the most popular forms of hair extensions since it’s recommended for all hair types. With the correct maintenance, your classic extensions can last 4-6 months.

I-Hair I-Tip Extensions

I-Tip extensions work wonderfully because installation is effortless and easy. Tiny microbeads are clamped to securely fasten each extension into place. This method uses absolutely no chemicals or heat and the hair can be reused up to three times.


Cinderella Hair Strips and Veil

Cinderella hair extensions are 100% remy hair, meaning the hair cuticle faces in the same direction to help prevent tangling and breaking while giving you natural layers and texture. Our Cinderella hair is secured to an extremely thin polyurethane base. This base offers you the chance to customize the sizing from the nape of your neck to the crown of your head.

Tape-In Extensions

Tape-In extensions are incredibly easy to apply and won’t damage your hair. Because they’re applied with a taping application, the hair lies flat against your head, giving you a very natural look. They also allow for easy removal and depending on how much hair you have, they can be applied in as little as 30 minutes.


Clip-In Extensions

For anyone seeking an easy DIY hair extension, clip-ins are the perfect choice. Clip-in extensions are quick and easy and more importantly, they’re temporary if you’re not looking for something longer lasting. They can be inserted in a matter of minutes and our stylists will coach you on the correct way to apply them yourself.

Hand-Tied Beaded Weft

This type of extension can take longer than the others because of the extreme craft that goes into placing these natural-looking extensions. The extensions are discreetly added to your hair by beading and then tying each weft to your natural hair. Each weft is sewn together by hand, making them thinner than most extensions and easily added into your natural hair texture.

Set Up Your Extension Consultation Today

With so many hair extension options available, we want to be able to help you decide the right option for your hair that will give you the look you want, and fit effortlessly into your lifestyle. At Hair Loft Studio, we can dramatically transform your current style with the most beautiful hair extensions in New Orleans. Call us today to set up a consultation and see why hair extensions are the secret to unlocking luxurious locks!