New Orleans Hair Color Salon

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New Orleans is a city recognized for its vibrant color and its own unique style. If you want to match this stunning city by looking like you just stepped out of a photo shoot, you’ll want to go to the best New Orleans hair color salon. At Hair Loft Studio, we offer the highest quality of dyes and treatments to give you the most ravishing hues for a bold and creative head-turning style, or a natural sunkissed look you’ll fall in love with.

The Best In New Orleans Hair Color Salons

From highlights and balayage to ombre and babylights, the stylists at Hair Loft Studio are masters at the technique of giving you luscious locks with shades that balance and enhance your overall appearance. When you leave Hair Loft Studio after one of our color services, you’ll leave with more confidence and a renewed love for your appearance.

Our list of color services include:

  • Women’s Color

  • Men’s Color

  • Toners

  • Ombre

  • Full Balayage

  • Balayage Face Frame

  • Foilayage

  • Full Highlight

  • Partial Highlight

  • Babylights

Women’s Color

You’ll find yourself dazzled when you choose a color treatment at Hair Loft Studio. We can change your color so that it matches both your personality and mood, whether you’re looking for something natural or bold. Not every hair color is the same. When you’re in our chair, we tailor your new hair color to match you perfectly.

Men’s Color

Women aren’t the only ones lining up to have their hair refreshed and transformed. Our stylists are trained in creating the best in men’s hair color, whether you’re looking for a new look, or touching up your gray hairs.


If your hair has you leaning on the brassy side, or a dye job just isn’t suiting you anymore, a toner may be just the thing to give your hair that fresh look you’re in need of. With a toner, we can make your hair warmer or cooler in color, and help you get rid of an unwanted shade without doing a completely new color dye.


Ombre means “shade” or “shadow” in French. This dramatic color technique can darken your hair on the top while giving you artfully blended lighter shades at the bottom. With many color combinations, you’ll find this easy hairstyle looks amazing even as its growing out.

Full and Face Framing Balayage

This trendy hair coloring technique is one of the most popular styles seen on the streets today. A full balayage doesn’t have to change your hair color drastically. Instead, you can get a completely new look that fools everyone into thinking your hair has been naturally kissed by the sun. Instead of using foils, our stylists use a freehand technique allowing them to gently sweep the color throughout your strands. Want to freshen up your color as if you’ve just been sitting out in the sun? Opt for our face framing balayage and get a brilliant touch right around your face.


With our foilayage, we step things up a bit and use foil to give your balayage look an even brighter appearance. This works best for brunettes and other dark haired beauties that are looking for a brighter, blonde appearance.

Full and Partial Highlights

There’s a reason highlights have remained popular for so long- they’re absolutely gorgeous! Whether you’re looking for subtle and glowing, or you want to go full out dramatic, highlights are a classic way to give dimension and take your hair to the next level.


If you want highlights, but want them as simple and natural as possible, we highly recommend coming in for some babylights. With babylights, we’ll take extremely fine strands of your hair and lighten them, giving you a gorgeous natural look.

Our goal at Hair Loft Studio is to give you the most luxurious crafted hair color in the city of New Orleans. We want every customer to leave feeling picture perfect with the exact look they had in mind. Give us a call today and see why we have a stellar reputation for creating the best hair color in New Orleans!