New Orleans Cinderella Hair Veil®

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The secret to almost every celebrity's perfect hair is beautiful extensions, of course! Whether you want longer hair or more volume, our professional stylists at Hair Loft Salon can give you an elegant new look with our Cinderella Hair Veil®. Rather than a blunt or straight line of hair, these Cinderella hair extensions are designed to blend naturally into virtually every hairstyle. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional hair, why not give these fabulous extensions a try!  

When you arrive for your consultation at our salon, our stylists will work with you to determine your goals and understand the look you are trying to achieve. With over 76 natural, vibrant, and blended colors from which to choose, the possibilities are truly endless! We specialize in custom blending and Cinderella extensions so that every woman can have their dream hairstyle. In addition, our experienced stylists can provide you with the hair length and volume that you've always wanted.


Many of our clients love that our Cinderella Hair Veil® provides amazing hair volume and length in about an hour. To prevent tangling and matting, we strategically attach your natural hair with 100 percent human remy hair through the use of I-Links. During this process, your hair is secured to an extremely thin polyurethane base, which is approximately thirty inches wide. The polyurethane base offers you the opportunity to customize sizing from the nape of your neck to the crown of your head. We are committed to providing you with gorgeous locks that are your ideal length.

When applied by a certified stylist, our Cinderella Hair Veil® should last you at least six months. Before you leave our renowned salon, we'll make sure to discuss essential hair extension maintenance with you to ensure long, voluminous, and beautiful hair throughout this time frame.


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At Hair Loft Salon, we know the secret to voluminous, shiny, and glamorous hair, and we'll help you achieve this eye-catching, Instagram-worthy look in no time. Our expert stylists must complete at least two days of intensive hands-on training to perfect the attachment method of these amazing hair extensions, so you can't go wrong with this New Orleans Cinderella Hair Veil®. New Orleans Cinderella Hair Veil® is the perfect way to enhance your hair with beauty, length, and style. Make an appointment today to obtain the celebrity-approved hair of your dreams.