New orleans Full Bayalage

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Developed by creative French colorists over forty years ago, balayage is a trendy highlighting technique that has become extremely popular with women today. In fact, you’ve probably seen it gracing the red carpet on celebrities ranging from Kim Kardashian to Gisele. The good news is that balayage isn’t just for the rich and famous. Starting at $165, Hair Loft Studio offers full balayage in New Orleans to women who want to wear these fabulous, natural-looking highlights.

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Hair Loft Studio specializes in New Orleans balayage and many other color services. Due to our competitive pricing and eye-catching results, balayage is one of our most popular services. Our clients love how our full balayage doesn’t drastically change their hair color. Instead, we enhance your hair color with multiple blended tones for an unbeatable sun-kissed look. Rather than using traditional cap or foiling methods, we employ a freehand technique to sweep the color throughout your hair. This technique is actually faster than other traditional coloring methods, and it requires less maintenance as it grows out. Balayage works on any hair texture, color, or length, making it the perfect option for any woman who wants highlights that look beautiful and natural.

Every service at Hair Loft Studio begins with a free, in-depth consultation from your stylist. You tell us what you’re looking for, and we work with you to make your dream a reality. Bring any photos you want to inspire your cut, color, or style, and take advantage of our professional opinions on what will look and work best for your hair. At the end of each service, our stylists offer product recommendations to help you maintain your new look after you leave. Our salon uses only high-quality products from L’Oréal’s Kérastase Collection for our full balayage in New Orleans and other color services.

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If you’re looking for chic, natural highlights, make sure to book your New Orleans balayage appointment today at Hair Loft Studio. You can discover which of our expert stylists is the best fit for you by using our Meet Your Stylist service online. Just answer a few simple multiple-choice questions, and we’ll match you with three of our stylists. Learn more about our stylists by reading their bios, and contact us when you’re ready to schedule your appointment. Give us a call at (504) 895-2911 and visit our studio at 1000 Girod Street in New Orleans’ South Market District.