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Makeup is an art, and if you’ve got a special day on the horizon, you’ll want to leave it to the pros. At Hair Loft Studio, our professional makeup artists combine a keen understanding of products, tools, and techniques to create flawless looks that last.

Great makeup requires extensive knowledge of how light, shadow, and color can function in concert to accentuate your natural beauty. Contouring, which consists of a complex, customized combination of highlights, shadows, and blending, will enhance the structure of your face and balance out your features. Selecting the right shades and applying them correctly is a challenge that, for a layperson, requires a lot of trial and error. But at Hair Loft Studio, you can rest easy knowing you’re in seasoned, professional hands.

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Your Hair Loft Studio makeup artist will also understand how to accentuate and build a cohesive look around your best features using high-quality products and tools. At Hair Loft Studio, our artists are equipped with top-of-the-line cosmetics as well as an in-depth understanding of how to combine them to create a look that stays, no matter the demands of your special event. Hair Loft Studio makeup artists have what it takes to make your vision a reality. Whether your inspiration comes from celeb photos or pics of your best friend’s wedding, we’ll work with you every step of the way to create the look you want. If you’re new to makeup or aren’t sure what would work for your event or outfit, we can walk you through your options and find a look that will make you shine. Our communicative, attentive makeup artists excel at taking direction and can modify popular trends according to your specifications.

Whether you want natural makeup or a high-drama look, Hair Loft Studio has you covered. Our makeup artists have the technical skills to render anything from retro winged eyeliner to a sultry smokey eye. If you’re going for a loud, vibrant look, our artists will deliver the impeccable execution necessary to pull off an attention-grabbing style. If you’re after a no-makeup look, our artists possess the finesse to give an au naturel glow-up.

A session with one of our makeup artists is also an opportunity to expand your knowledge when it comes to the art of makeup. Under the wing of a professional, you can glean tips and tricks that will enhance your everyday beauty routine. Wondering what a stipple brush is, or how to use a beauty blender? Your makeup artist can walk you through which tools and products they’re using and why, and explain the theory behind different application techniques. You’ll also learn beauty hacks that you can use to maintain your look throughout the day, to ensure that your face stays fresh and on fleek. You’ll walk out with a look that stays, as well as a new arsenal of techniques to try out in the future.

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Professional makeup is a must for big events like weddings, galas, and photo shoots. If you’re devoting resources to crafting the perfect hair and outfit, don’t skimp on the most important part of your look: your face! Your face is what people see first and remember most. Claim the confidence that comes with a flawless look from head to toe. Our makeup artists will accentuate your natural beauty, not cover it. So put your best face forward and book your appointment online or over the phone today.