New Orleans Women’s Cut

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Marilyn Monroe once said that a woman with the right shoes could conquer the world. We think the same is true with the right haircut. At Hair Loft Studio in New Orleans, we pride ourselves on stylish, precision cuts that give you the looks and confidence to make your mark on the world. If you’re ready to spice things up with a new haircut or just need an expert trim, book your New Orleans women’s haircut at Hair Loft Studio today.

To make sure you receive the hairstyle you’ve been admiring in magazines, on TV, or online, our expert stylists start all of our services with a comprehensive consultation. During this in-depth discussion, you have the opportunity to let your stylist know exactly what you would like done to your hair. We offer a wide range of women's salon services in New Orleans, including styling and coloring. We also ask thoughtful follow-up questions to get a better understanding of your needs. Many of our haircuts can be completed in a single visit, but for bigger projects, we are sure to go over a timeline with you and discuss the goals for your next appointment.

Once you’re satisfied with your consultation, you’ll receive a relaxing shampoo and conditioning experience. Did we mention that a professional head massage is also included with every women’s haircut? You’ll never want to wash your hair yourself again!

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After we’re all done shampooing, your stylist proceeds to cut, blow dry, and style your hair with high-end finishing products from Shu Uemura and Kérastase. At the end of your haircut, your stylist provides you with professional product recommendations so you can keep your hair looking fabulous long after you leave our salon.

We’re proud to provide the best in New Orleans women’s haircuts, and our excellent service is even better when we pair you with an experienced stylist who matches your needs and interests. At Hair Loft Studio, it’s easy to find a hairdresser who is compatible with you. Check out our Meet Your Stylist service to discover your preferred hair stylist. All you have to do is answer a few easy questions online, and you’re on your way to being matched with your top three stylists. Learn more about each stylist and book an appointment with your favorite

Experience Luxury at the Best Women’s Salon in New Orleans

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We make it a priority to understand your unique hairstyle needs and expectations, so you'll never regret getting a haircut at Hair Loft Studio. Can’t wait to get started? Call us at (504) 895-2911 to schedule an appointment for your New Orleans women’s haircut or book your appointment online today.