Hair Loft  Studio is looking for full time employees who are self driven, motivated, and charismatic.  Someone who is dedicated in their career to become successful.  We offer growth opportunities and knowledge advancements.  Please submit your resume and  take the time to tell us a little about yourself .

"I chose Hair Loft because when I started doing hair I knew i wanted be in a salon where the atmosphere is always positive and the education never stops. I have been with Hair Loft for 7 years and everyday I walk in I am so proud of myself for the decision I made. If you are looking for an amazing place to work and to learn from the best , Hair Loft Studio is for you"  - Erin Richard

"I love the vibes and energy Hair Loft offers as a salon. We are trendy, upscale, modern and fashion forward. Each stylist has their own taste and style which accommodates every type of client. I love everyone at the salon and enjoy working with these women. Everyone is so eager to learn and grow, it makes the work place that much better when you are surrounded by driven people." - Alexis Parker

"I chose the Hair Loft because it was open to diversity in its clientele. I love that we are able to share knowledge openly with each other and help out when we see the other in need.  As I started my career here I realized the level of skill sets in all areas including precision cuts, blow dry techniques, and even posture to to extend the longevity of your career" - Kewain Scott

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